Kazakhstan is best known in the West from the famous comedy "Borat". However, the way the country was portrayed in the film is entirely false - "Borat" was recorded in a gypsy village in Romania.

Kazakhstan is probably one of the most unlikely destinations to travel to. And what a mistake that is!

When you enter Kazakhstan, you truly feel like a pioneer. You get the impression that you're the only tourist there. And there are so many places to visit! If you love unspoiled nature, crazy original architecture and something completely unexpected, it's a perfect choice for you!

In Kazakhstan, among other things, you can find miles and miles of intact desert-like landscape with colorful white-red-golden Aktau Mountains, Charyn Canyon, which resembles the famous Grand Canyon and spectacular mountainous lakes - Almaty lake with unbelievably blue, milky waters and Kaindy lake, which was formed after a landslide flooded a part of the forest leaving dry trunks protruding out of the surface.

If you think Kazakhstan is poverty-ridden, visit Astana and you'll think you're a mini Dubai. Skyscrapers, fountains, original, extremely modern architecture and a luxurious shopping mall in the shape of a... nomadic tent with an artificial beach on the top floor.

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