Things To Do In Monaco

Visiting Monaco can be an appealing idea at a glance. It’s a gorgeous little country combining top-notch European luxury with the idyllic splendor of the Mediterranean. It’s also a tiny destination, and it would be fair to wonder if you can experience it by looking at a few postcards, rather than going out of your way to make a trip. This is why we’ve asked the question before of if Monaco is really worth a visit.

That’s up to each traveler to decide independently. But to help you get a better idea for what a trip to Monaco might be like, here’s a brief list of some of the things you can do while on vacation in this Mediterranean paradise.


Relax On Larvotto Beach


Some of the beaches in and around Monaco are a little too crowded, and a little too close to the streets to feel particularly relaxing. Larvotto is not exactly remote, but it still provides you with a classic beach feel on one of the world’s most beautiful seas. It’s been described as one of the gems of Monaco thanks to smooth sands, clear water suitable for swimming, and interesting eateries within walking distance. It’s actually a man-made beach, but it’s the nicest one in town and an outstanding place to spend a few afternoons.


 Beach in Monaco

Beach in Monaco


Tour The Oceanographic Museum


This isn’t like most of the museums that people tend to tour around Europe. It’s essentially an aquarium, though it also includes some incredible ocean-related artifacts, such as a giant whale skeleton on display. The building itself is also wonderful to behold, and is built onto a cliff directly over the water. From certain angles it almost looks like it’s ready to fall into the sea.


Hike Through The Exotic Garden


The Exotic Garden is situated on the cliffs that rise around Monaco, meaning that as you walk through you’ll get some nice views overlooking the sea, harbor, and town. This is also just a nice place to walk if you’re looking for a few hours of relaxation. There are more than 1,000 species of plants that come from various climates around the world, so it’s a terrific spot to absorb some natural beauty. If you feel like taking a formal tour, you can make your way into some caves that burrow into the cliffs from the garden area.


Try Your Hand At The Legendary Casino


Real world casinos are a little old-fashioned these days, and it’s easy to understand why. Online casinos have stolen a great deal of their business, and now live casinos on the internet are offering players the excitement and comfort of a physical casino from the comfort of their homes. The experience playing at home is too realistic for most to bother finding actual casinos, but one step inside the Casino de Monte Carlo and you’ll understand that some of these establishments are still worth the trip. It’s a glamorous, spectacular venue that makes you feel like a movie star, and it’s complete with elegant furnishings and professional game tables.


 Casino de Monte Carlo

Casino de Monte Carlo


Rent A Boat


This one’s fairly straightforward. Monaco is famous for the Monte Carlo harbor and you can rent a boat to take out on your own or to ride around for the day. It’s a wonderful way to bring one of the traditional postcard images of this destination to life. The rentals and charters tend to be pricey, but that’s true of most things you try to do in Monaco. For that matter, however, you can also look into renting a houseboat as a place to stay, which would certainly make your trip to Monaco more interesting!


Attend The Grand Prix


This is a something of a tricky suggestion because you’d have to be visiting at the right time of year, and you’d need to plan in advance. But the Monte Carlo Grand Prix is among the most prestigious sporting events in Europe, and transforms the area into a buzzing destination with a festival-like atmosphere. If you can work out the scheduling and you’re planning to go to Monaco anyway, the Grand Prix is a terrific event to shoot for.