Russia is the largest country on Earth and also it has become quite controversial recently. But let's set politics aside and focus on the fact whether the images of Russia in the media are really true? Ordinary people have nothing to do with politics and stereotypes can hurt.

Since less and less western tourists travel eastwards, we decided to see for ourselves what Russia is really like. We've been to the most famous cities so far - Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as Sochi - the country's favorite subtropical resort town where the winter Olympics 2014 were held.

Of course, it's not enough to get to know the country since Russia is so big, but at least we could get a glimpse of what the cities and the locals are like. Is it dangerous? Are the people unfriendly and cold? Is the weather always bad? Which is better - St. Petersburg or Moscow? To find out about the stereotypes and myths and if they are true, see the articles below.

We definitely haven't finished our adventure with this massive country - in the future, we're hoping to reach some of the most remote parts - Siberia and lake Baikal, Kamchatka, the mountainous regions of Caucasus, Grozny and Altai Mountains.