The controversial little country squeezed among Europe's most famous touristic powers - Greece, Italy and Croatia. And... my favorite country I have visited so far without a doubt. Ironically, most of travelers skip Albania whatsoever while traveling south to Greece. What a mistake it is!

Instead of gloomy, grey, polluted and dangerous country (which is the way Albania is portrayed in the West), we came across: perfect, unspoiled, undiscovered paradise beaches with crystal clear waters that could easily compete with the ones in the tropics; spectacular mountains; unique in the world turquoise Blue Eye Spring;, delicious (and extremely cheap) food; amazing, affordable accommodation; unique, fairy-tale like architecture; cozy villages and the nicest locals we've ever met.

Albania is the proof that off the beaten path travel offers more satisfaction! Scroll down to have a look at the posts describing our experiences and surprises about Albania. You can find many useful information and beautiful images in them. And, just like many of our friends, you probably will find it hard to believe the photos were taken nowhere else but in Albania - this little Balkan country is hardly ever depicted this way in the mainstream western media!


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