France is probably the most visited country in the world. Its capital - Paris, is the most famous city in the world. I've been to Paris and unfortunately, because of the high expectations, it got me quite disappointed and I didn't even feel like to write about it. The architecture was beautiful in places, but the entire city seemed gray, concrete, cold and dirty. I don't understand why it's called the city of love. If you want to see some really romantic places, I would visit Tbilisi (Georgia), Gjirokaster (Albania) or even Dubrovnik (Croatia). I've described all of them on this blog.

Now it's time to say something nice about France - last winter, we had a free weekend and decided to go down south to see some sun. The flight to Nice was almost free so we couldn't miss such a chance. The city turned out to be beautiful, sunny, friendly, colorful and, because it was winter, cheaper and more authentic without the crowds of tourists. The sea was stunning as usual and the little villages so charming. Visit also Eze and Antibes - I fell in love with them, especially with Eze, where you can admire spectacular sea views. Next town I want to see is Menton - planning to go there this winter. I'm also keen to visit the north of the country, the mountains and the island of Corsica.