Ukraine is one of the most exotic country of Europe. So close, but feels so different. Due to the recent political situation, few tourists visit this undiscovered land. That's why it's perfect for those who love adventure, challenges and exploring something new and surprising.

Contrary to what the media say about Ukraine, most of the country is perfectly safe; it's not grey, gloomy and hopeless, but full of amazing food, unique, colorful architecture and spectacular nature. And - it's unbelievably cheap.

Kiev, in my opinion is the most underrated capital in Europe, which deserves way more recognition for its stunningly beautiful architecture, streets, monuments and colorful temples.

Don't miss the Chernobyl/Pripyat ghost town - it's a one of a kind experience!

Another place worth visiting is the Crimean peninsula - which boasts beaches, vibrant resort sea towns and one unique, perched on a cliff Swallow's Nest castle that looks as if it was taken away from a Disney cartoon. To visit Crimea, you'll need some additional research as the territory is now claimed by Russia. Nevertheless, it's safe and not difficult to reach.

I hope the posts about Ukraine below will make you see a bit different story from what you can encounter in the mass media.