Spain is one of the most popular countries in the world. And it's very convenient and tempting to visit - there are hundreds of cheap flights available, great infrastructure, culture, food and weather.

Living in Europe, it's so easy to take a plane to some of the most famous Spanish beach destinations like the Canaries. However, after visiting paradise Albania and other spectacular countries in the Balkans, Spanish beaches do fail in comparison. They are so popular because they are... popular.

Many of the visitors forget that there's way more to see in those places than the beach. And here's the paradox - for me, if I wanted to have a beach holiday, I'd head straight to the Balkans. Nevertheless, if you want to get some winter sun, discover some stunning landscapes and relax - the Canaries are perfect.

In the articles below, I've described what to see in those popular Spanish places beyond the beaches and resorts as well as what attractions are worth visiting and what are just a rip off.