Lebanon is a tiny country in the Middle East, even a few days or a week is enough to see a lot. It's located in probably the most unfortunate place on Earth, squeezed between war-torn Syria and Israel with which the relations still remain tense.

Because of this, many of  the tourists who previously had visited the Middle East, prefer to opt for "safer" destinations. Lebanon, as a result of this is an off the beaten path destination that has so much in its offer. And, contrary to popular belief, we felt safer in Beirut than in Paris or London. Way safer - either during the day or at night.

Lebanon, despite of its size, is a diverse and a very interesting country. Beirut, is absolutely beautiful - the golden architecture, the ancient ruins and probably the only city where you can find mosques and churches side by side. The sea side is also very attractive - especially the "pigeon rock". Not too mention the superb, fresh Lebanese food.

The nearby mountains are snow covered until May in spite of the hot Mediterranean climate in the lowlands. The cedar forests, the valleys, the caves - Lebanon is an amazing and authentic country to visit, especially now - without hordes of western tourists!

Take a look at the posts I've prepared about this fascinating country. I'll keep adding more.