Bosnia and Herzegovina


Before visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina, I had a scarred, gloomy and sad capital city in my mind - Sarajevo. However, it turned out completely different from what I had thought it would be: modern city center, skyscrapers, a charming Ottoman style old market and the districts of different architectural styles - all mixed up but kept in order at the same time.

Sarajevo was clean, beautifully located in a green valley surrounded by the rolling hills. It's quite a nice place to see for the weekend, it's definitely off the beaten path and unique...

...but not as unique and spectacular as Mostar and Blagaj - those towns look as if they were taken straight from a Disney film or a beautiful fairy tale. Nearly completely destroyed during the war in Yugoslavia, now perfectly restored and getting quite popular with tourists - so hurry up before they lose their authenticity like so many other European towns.

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