Cambodia - the land of the famous ancient temple complex - Angkor Wat - the archaeological area of enormous size, which was featured in Hollywood films like Tomb Rider. The sight of the trees slowly devouring the temples wrapping them around with the twisted branches and roots will easily amaze anyone. Although thousands of tourists visit the site everyday, due to its gargantuan area, they are spread so sparsely that you can feel as if you were a pioneer discovering the forgotten, bygone world.

The capital, Phnom Penh, is one of the most hectic cities in Central Asia and not very touristy. It has some beautiful monuments, palaces and temples in its offer.

We also made the infamous trip on the overnight bus from Angkor Wat all the way to the coast which disappointed us a bit. The beaches weren't too attractive and the scale of pollution - terrifying, at least in Sihanoukville where we ended up.

I've fully described Angkor Wat complex - which temples to visit, how much time to spend and how to avoid ubiquitous scams - take a look at the post below. Soon, I'll also write about the capital Phnom Penh and the short trip to the coast.