Norway is one of my favorite countries in the world. Its natural beauty is incomparable to any other place on Earth: the famous Pulpit Rock is an astounding example - not to miss while visiting Norway. But the real experience starts in the Polar Circle - the Lofoten Islands. I must admit, it is the most beautiful spot on our planet we've been to. It seems so unreal that it's actually hard to believe your eyes.

Little villages, cozy cottages situated besides snowy peaks of the mountains that seem like the Alps sticking out straight from the sea; the midnight sun in the summer, the fjords, cliffs and... paradise white sand beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters that can easily compete with those in the tropics. All this mixed up all over the place. Looks like a fantasy world of video games.

And, there's the capital - Oslo. It's also interesting though quite expensive. There are, however, ways to travel in Norway on a budget. To find out more about this extremely different and so attractive country, browse the articles below: