Jordan, although situated right next to the neighbors suffering from troubling events, still remains one of the most stable country in the Middle East. Since less people visit Jordan due to conflict in Syria, the prices dropped and you can admire all of the country's incredible attractions in a much freer way.

The most astonishing site in Jordan (and virtually the only one which remains popular because of the tours arriving from Israel) is of course Petra - the ancient Nabataean city entirely carved in rock. The most famous monument - the Monastery was featured in the Hollywood film "Indiana Jones".

We saw many people walk through the breathtaking gorge, admiring the Monastery and... turn back. Petra has so much more to offer! There are hiking trails to more remote, absolutely amazing monuments within the site. To find detailed information about them, have a look at the posts below.

Besides Petra, we also floated on the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on Earth, we went to the Martian-like Wadi Rum desert (which was also the set for the recent Hollywood film with Mat Damon - The Martian), visited the capital Amman and the biblical sites around.