Thailand is where most of the westerners travel in order to find cheap booze, beach and parties. It's a land of unparalleled natural beauty with paradise coast, crystal clear sea and amazing food.

However, Thailand was the first and only place in the world, I have visited that on the first day I wanted to leave. It's the country, I don't long to visit again, even though its beaches are perfect.

Why is that? Having had traveled beforehand to completely unknown destinations, I learned how exciting, honest and authentic they turned out to be: no plastic resorts, no scams, no con artists, no cheap stands with souvenirs made in China. The off the beaten path places were true and authentic, the local community was curious and friendly about the few tourists they received.

In Thailand, the story was completely different. On the first day, we were threatened and asked to "get the f**** out" of their country, the paradise beaches were overcrowded to the limits and polluted by the western fun seekers who urinated straight to the sea, many locals dealing with tourists were extremely rude and treated us as "walking money".

The authenticity was non existent - even the famous edible insects are false - the locals don't eat them - the stands with fried grasshoppers are only on the main touristic road in Bangkok and you even have to pay to... take a photo of the stand!

I'm sure Thailand used to be an amazing place to discover years ago - with rich culture, amazing architecture, monuments and unspoiled, paradise-like nature. Unfortunately, nowadays, it turned into a cheap destination and, the whole situation is also the fault of us - westerners - no wonder locals are biased against the cheap sex and fun looking drunks.