United Kingodm


The UK is obviously one of the most famous destination in Europe. Millions of tourists flock to London - one of the most popular cities on Earth. Nearly all travel blogs say something about London. I, in turn, decided to leave London out - there's so many posts and articles about it online that I thought there's no point in adding yet another one. I'd just like to mention that, similarly to Paris, due to the expectations set extremely high, London disappointed me.

On this page, I'd like to focus on the less known and obvious places to see in the UK. You'll be surprised how beautiful and unique places can be found in the UK, yet they are virtually unknown among ordinary people. Did you know about the Northern Ireland's Giant Causeway - a portion of the coast filled with natural, octagonal columns of various sizes? Or about the Coral Beach in Scotland's Isle of Skye? But most likely, the thing that will surprise you the most are the Cornwall's paradise beaches and beautiful cozy towns that can easily compete with those in Spain or Portugal! It is so worth it to leave the beaten path and start discovering places seemingly so well known to find such spectacular hidden gems!

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