Chile was chosen one of the countries to visit by Lonely Planet recently. This thin but extremely long state along the Pacific Ocean has so much to offer. I was always dreaming of doing the incredible W-Trek in the Torres del Paine National Park of Patagonia. Finally, I realized my dream and it left me with some reflections.

The nature is absolutely stunning, however, there are a few things that are not so amazing and that you should consider before choosing this hike. I've noticed that all the W-trek guides say on how to do it, but rarely you can come across an honest review showing not only the good but also the bad sides to it. You'll find it here.

Apart from the trek in Patagonia, we've also seen Santiago - the country's capital and one of the most southern cities on our globe - Punta Arenas which turned out more interesting than Santiago!

So far, we've visited only the very south of Chile ans there's so much more left to explore - in our future plans is to visit the Atacama Desert and of course - the Easter Island.

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