Croatia is one of the most popular destinations in the Balkans. And it's obvious why: beautiful beaches; amazing towns dating back to the Roman Empire times; great food and wine; idyllic landscapes. Amazing prices were also a reason to visit Croatia but it's changing now, unfortunately.

Dubrovnik, Croatia's most beautiful city (which was featured in Games of Thrones) is as expensive as all other famous European cities. Similarly to Venice, unluckily, it has lost a lot of its authenticity and virtually no locals live now in the old town. Visit it out of season if you want to avoid the unimaginable crowds and tours coming out of the Mediterranean cruises.

As an alternative, you might see the cities of Split or Zadar.

Croatia also boasts one of Europe's most beautiful natural parks - Plitvice Lakes. Cascades of blue, turquoise waters intersperse with waterfalls and little, crystal clear lakes. The views are so unreal that everyone visiting Croatia must see this natural wonder!

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