Turkmenistan is the country that virtually no one goes to and many haven't even heard it exists. And it's a very peculiar one. I will put the politics aside and want to show you how we saw this forgotten by everyone land. It was definitely one of the most surprising and exciting places to visit.

Turkmenistan is like a different world, most of the country is covered by the vast Karakum Desert and boasts world-class natural wonders: Yangikala Canyons with spectacular, white-red mountains and Door to Hell crater - Darvaza - a huge hole in the ground in the middle of nowhere filled with flames - especially astounding at night when you can camp around.

Cities in Turkmenistan are extremely modern, especially the white marble capital, Ashgabat, where you can find the most unique, extravagant architecture.

If you're interested in ancient history and archeology, Turkmenistan is a perfect place for you. Many of the sites which are located on the famous Silk Road have still not been excavated. Merv and Koney-Urgench are the most famous. Near the Izmukshir fortress, not far from the city of Dashoguz, you can still find pieces of colorful pottery and bones sticking out of the ground.

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