Ireland - rain, Guinness, pubs, rain, drinking, Dublin, cliffs of Moher and... more rain. This is probably what most of visitors think about this green island.

However, when you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot and come across a few sunny days in the summer, you'll be so surprised! 15 minutes on the train from the dull capital - Dublin (yes, it's not too beautiful, but the locals are one of the friendliest in the world) and you can admire the cliffs, beaches, mountains and... subtropical flora! Palm trees, eucalyptus, cedar and rhododendron trees together with stunning sea views - feels more like at the Mediterranean sea rather than so far north.

Ireland boasts some of the beaches reminding those in tropical areas - with clear, turquoise waters and incredible fauna - in Skellig you can walk among thousands of wild puffins that seem to pose for photographs!

There are many little hidden spots in Ireland easily accessible by public transport - and they are virtually unknown to visitors. We've discovered them for you - have a look at the articles below and explore the amazing, little known places in Ireland: