Panama is not the most popular country in the region - it's neighbor Costa Rica is way more famous. We didn't know what to expect from Panama but this tiny country exceeded all out expectations (contrary to Costa Rica which in a sense turned out to be disappointing).

The capital city, comparing to other capitals of the region (especially to San Jose in Costa Rica) is pretty attractive from a visitor's point of view. Panama city is still a bit chaotic and the contrast between the brand new glass skyscrapers and old streets with holes in the pavement is still present, but there are certain sights that are unique - such us the historic center district or the Panama canal - the history if which is very interesting.

But the main destinations in Panama you should be heading to are the unbelievable paradise islands - probably the best we've ever seen! San Blas islands belong to the local native community and are free of hotels, resorts and segregated beaches - it's just pure paradise at its best! If you think of the typical postcard from the tropics - they look exactly like that - or even better! White sand, coconut trees and beaches full of starfish - it's unforgettable.

Another group of island can be found near the popular resort town called Bocas del Toro. This destination is more touristic and cheaper than San Blas - if you're a backpacker and want to save some money - come to Bocas del Toro as, unfortunately, Panama is not the cheapest destination.

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