Kosovo is a black spot on a typical tourist map. Nobody knows anything about it, maybe except the war. We visited Kosovo by chance, having a few free days in Skopje, we just hopped on the bus to Prishtina in Kosovo.

As we had no idea what to expect, Kosovo turned out to be an amazing destination - Prishtina, although raw and not too pretty on the outside, had an amazing vibe - with open air restaurants and cafes full until late at night on a working day, the fountains that can cool you off on a hot day, delicious local food and amazing prices.

Not everyone knows that the currency in Kosovo is Euro and the alliance to European Union and the west in general is very strong - you can see the EU and the US flags everywhere and the streets are named, for example, after Bill Clinton.

We also visited a beautiful, cozy town of Prizren - just like any other town in the Balkans - with red roofed houses, stunning architectural mix, cozy little streets, fortresses and stone bridges. Such a little gem - and virtually zero western tourists. Discover it and see for yourself!