Romania is yet another country we visited in the Balkans - and as usual we were not disappointed by this amazing region!

From old medieval castles and towns in Transylvania to the mountains in the center and real Paris of the East - Bucharest, Romania turned out to such a pleasant and beautiful place (although Bucharest was my least favorite place in the country). It's cheap and affordable - and food so delicious.

The places not to be missed are Brasov - with an amazing hill that bears a sign similar to the famous one in Hollywood overlooking the beautifully preserved medieval center and Sighisoara - probably the most beautiful medieval town I've ever seen - looks more like a film set for a Disney Movie rather than an ordinary village. Also, you'll be surprised that town houses can have eyes! Just check out the post about Sibiu and see for yourself. Don't miss the Transfagarasan mountain road - one of the most photographed roads in the world.

If you love castles, you'll love Romania - they are spectacular - especially the Peles castle. The most famous castle in the world - Dracula's Castle is also located in Romania. Here, you can visit a medieval torture chamber - a thrilling experience that would give you a goosebumps. But Peles is better! The architecture, rooms and halls are unreal.

Romania also has amazing nature - beaches on the Black Sea (which, unfortunately we did not visit the coastline this time) and mountains - especially the peculiar natural Sphinx Rock in Becugi Mountains.

I would recommend that you go to Romania in summer - the weather is pleasant, the daylight hours are long - autumn and winter can get gloomy and colorless, like in most of Europe. To find inspiration if you haven't visited Romania yet, see the posts below: