Moldova is the poorest, least known, least popular and least visited country in Europe (even less than Belarus). The country’s capital city is thought of a city with very few attractions to admire. So why travel to this forgotten land?

Because of zero expectations, Moldova actually turned out to be a very pleasant place. Chisinau is not the most beautiful city on Earth but when you start exploring it “from the inside” - it is easy to enjoy. The food is superb and so affordable for the visitors from the West that you can enjoy the best restaurants on a daily basis.

Moldova is also famous for world’s quality of wine - the wine cellars in Cricova are a must for those who love this drink. The cellars are so large (120 km!) that you must basically drive through the tunnels (each of the tunnels has its own name - just like streets). As an interesting fact, I can mention that the most famous people on the planet have their wines stored in Cricova (such us Angela Merkel). Even Hitler while occupying the land, had his share of wines in Cricova. You can still see many bottles from the 2nd world war time.

Yet another interesting thing about Moldova is the breakaway region of Transnistria which is de facto a separate country (not recognized by any other countries except from the other similar regions - Abkhazia and South Osetia). To enter Transnistria, you must pass a passport control (which is very smooth) and if you wish to buy something, you must change money to the local currency which is only used there.

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