Georgia is so tiny and hides so many surprises and attractions that it could share them with a way larger country. And... ironically, it's totally unknown. Most of people confuse this little nation at the crossroads of Asia and Europe with the state having the same name in the US.

In Georgia, you can see amazing, unique and so different cities - Tbilisi and Batumi. Tbilisi, the country's capital boasts beautiful, charming architecture with its wooden balconies hanging over the cliffs; ancient fortresses and churches. Among its monuments, Tbilisi also has the modern touch - especially the beautiful, illuminated Brigde of Peace.

Batumi, the seaside town has more extravagant, ultra-modern architecture and is probably the most illuminated town at night that I have ever seen.

Don't miss the ancient cave cities in Georgia - dwellings carved out of rock dating back to the 5th millennium BC. They resemble the famous Capadoccia region in Turkey but it's highly unlikely that you'll see any other tourists except you.

Even driving through Georgia is an attraction in itself. Within 200 miles, the landscape changes from dry desert and gargantuan canyons to the forested mountains, snowy peaks and finally turned into the subtropical seaside area full of palm and banana trees.

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