Greece is an amazing destination for a few good reasons: rich history, stunning nature, great prices, little paradise island with charming architecture and, believed by some (including me), the most beautiful beach in the world - Navagio.

We checked it out, and although usually we are quite skeptical about the "most amazing things in the world", Navagio, viewed from the white cliff above, was indeed the most impressive beach we have ever seen so far. It's quite tricky to get there though, even though it's so famous - have a look at the post below to find out how to reach it both from the sea and land as you have to do it separately.

There are also not so-good-sides to this holiday paradise - the capital - Athens - and the famous Acropolis is truly impressive only in Hollywood films and myths - not so much in reality. The little islands tend to be extremely overcrowded as well as commercialized to the maximum, and visiting the best places often can be compared to ordering food in a fast food restaurant - it's quick, few minutes to enjoy and you have to move because the next person is waiting in the line.

Nevertheless, Greece remains one of the most beautiful places we've seen and we'd recommend anyone to go there and see it themselves. To find out more, have a look at the articles below: