10 Best Hiking Trails

We have done a lot of hiking during our trips in a lot of countries. Hiking is an amazing opportunity to get to know the place you're visiting and admire the most amazing natural wonders. It's also challenging, tiring and not always easy. But when you reach your destination and stand on the top of the mountain, you get that amazing feeling of accomplishment. Here, based on our experience, I want to show you 10 amazing hiking trails we liked the most - I hope this post will inspire you to discover something new! As I liked all the trails pretty much equally, the order here is irrelevant.

1. Annapurna, Nepal

annapurna trail

Annapurna is one of the most popular areas in the Himalayas for ordinary (inexperienced) hikers. You don’t need any special equipment to enjoy a few days trek to Poon Hill from where you can admire the 360 degree panorama. Apart from the mighty Himalayas, you'll visit amazing Nepalese villages with their unique culture and architecture. My favorite was Gandruk. The best time to visit the area is March when you'll get to see the rhododendron blooms which means that the whole mountains are covered in blooming trees. It’s something unreal, as if taken right from a fairy tale. Check more info about the Annapurna trail here.

2. Fitz Roy Trek, Argentina

fitz roy trek argentina

The trail to the Fitz Roy peak in Argentina is a perfect warm up before hiking the popular “W” Trek in Chilean Patagonia. The weather is usually milder and you'll get the views of the amazing Fitz Roy almost all the way (if it's not covered by the clouds). 90% of the trail is easy and relaxing with the exception of the last 10% where you'll have to climb an incredibly steep slope. But it's so worth it - check my post about the Fitz Roy here to find out more.

3. Kvalvika Beach, Lofoten, Norway

kvalvika beach

As I mentioned in my posts about Lofoten, so far, it's the most beautiful place on our planet we've visited. White sand beaches mixed with Alps - this is how it looks. The region offers many beautiful hikes (for example around the Reine village). We did the hike to see the Kvalvika beach from the mountain nearby. The hike is quite excruciating as the weather conditions are not always on your side in that part of the world, but on the very top you'll be awarded with some of the best views ever. There's also a rock where you can take really cool photos. For more info about Lofoten, check my posts here.

4. Machu Picchu Mountain, Peru

machu pichu mountain

Machu Picchu Mountain is the peak overlooking the famous ancient Inca town - Machu Picchu. I don't have to explain how amazing the trail is as its probably obvious for everyone. I know that this 5-hour hike does not compare to the full 7-day trek from Cuzco, but if you are unable to do the full Cuzco-Machu Picchu part, climb at least the Machu Picchu Mountain. People usually start from the Machu Picchu ruins but we did it all the way from the base at Aguas Calientes. If you want to find more information, check one of my Posts about Machu Picchu.

5. Petra, Jordan

petra jordan

Many people visit Petra and just see the main monument - The Treasury. Don't make this mistake! The hikes to the High Place of Sacrifice and to the Monastery are unreal - the orange/golden rocks create a scenery from another planet. One of y favorite hikes ever. For more information, check my posts about Petra.

6. Rysy, Poland


The only part of Poland with Alpine like mountains is the Zakopane region. Although the Tatras are not as massive as the Alps and not nearly as high, you can't deny their unique beauty. There are multiple hiking trails available (with different levels of difficulty) and one of my favorite is the trail to Poland's highest peak - Rysy. It passes by two crystal clear turquoise lakes and offers unbelievable views. If you wish, you can combine it with other trails in the area and spend more days in the mountains. I have written quite a few posts about hiking in Tatras, you can find them here.

7. The Julian Alps in Slovenia


Not many people know that Slovenia also has a tiny part of this famous mountain range. The Alps in Slovenia are different than the ones in Switzerland - the limestone makes the peaks silver-white. Many crystal clear rivers flow through the region creating lakes with water as blue as in tropical seas. The trails in Slovenia are not packed with tourists - even in the summer, but they are unbelievably attractive. If you want to discover a hidden gem - head to Slovenia! For more information about the hike, check my posts about Slovenia.

8. The Table Mountain and Lion’s Head in South Africa

cape town hiking

Cape town wouldn't be as exciting as it is without the famous Table Mountain. There's also another one - Lion’s Head that offers spectacular views over the coast and the beaches. While in Cape Town, you can't miss hiking both - especially the challenging India Venster hike to the top of the Table Mountain. There's some climbing that you'll have to do, but overall the experience is so much more satisfying than taking the cable car! For more information about the hikes, check my posts about South Africa.

9. The “W” Trek in Chilean Patagonia


The W trek is the most popular trek in Patagonia. Of course, it offers unique, unparalleled views over various rugged peaks, valleys and turquoise lakes. It's one of the best hikes you can do, however, there are some quite serious obstacles you can encounter (which are rarely mentioned online). Take a look at the posts about Chile where you can find my honest review of the W trek: what it's like to do the whole trek and what can get in the way.

10. Trek to Cachoeira da Fumaca Waterfall, Brazil

waterfall in brazil

The trek to one of the highest waterfalls in Brazil is unbelievable and extremely adventurous. You will have to cross rivers, most probably encounter sudden thunderstorms and at the end crawl and lie down on the rocks to see one of the most amazing views of a waterfall possible. Check my posts about Brazil to find out more.

Author: Tom @ Adventurous Travels

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