10 Reasons why Living in an RV Will Change your Life

All too often in the world nowadays we’re focussed on keeping up with those around us. Be it on social media or with material goods, there’s a lot of pressure on folks now. That’s one of the reasons why permanently living in an RV is becoming increasingly sought-after. The wish to travel far and wide is another reason for living full-time in an RV, and it’s a decision that will completely change a person’s life. From missing friends to parking in wineries, here are our 10 reasons why living in an RV will change your life.


1. You’ll say goodbye to a lot of material goods


One of the most challenging things about living full-time in an RV is the lack of material goods. Houses are great for storing clutter, but RVs just aren’t. So your life will be totally changed by the sheer absence of material goods around. But minimalism is so in at the moment, you’ll be the trendiest person around.


2. You’ll say goodbye to a lot of people


What’s even harder than saying goodbye to decades worth of clutter? Saying goodbye to your friends and family. When you have a house, you’ve got a stable base where everyone can reach you. When your house is on wheels, it’s a lot harder. Living in an RV will change your life because you’ll see less of the people you know and love and more of fellow RV-ers who share the same feelings as you.


3. You’ll become a lot more independent


There’s nothing quite like throwing yourself in an RV and travelling the 50 states of America to make you more independent as a person. You’ll have to organise and sort out every single detail yourself, from WiFi payment plans to RV repairs to earning a living. Everything is suddenly on your shoulders in a different way than before. Your parents aren’t just around the corner to give you a hand, and neither are your friends.


4. You’ll probably save money


It’s not cheap to travel the US or to live in an RV permanently. However, it is cheaper than a mortgage, a car and all of the bills which come with a house. It’s possible for you to actually save up enough money to pay off some debt or even put down some money on a real house one day if you so desire. You’d be surprised at the economic efficiency of living and travelling in an RV!




5. You’ll appreciate nature more


Living full-time in an RV means you’re much closer to nature. At first, it’s sort of like a camping experience, but one that is less wet and much warmer. You are closer to nature because you’re outside more often and because of the locations in which you park up. They’re probably going to be stunning and filled with natural gems - the kind you’ve never seen before.


6. You’ll see so much more of the world


Perhaps one of the biggest disappointments of modern life in the West is getting comfortable. We get comfortable with the rat race and staying in our homes at the weekend. Living in an RV, you can stay in your home by taking it with you. And you get to see so much on that journey. From Yosemite to the Grand Canyon, you’ll see it all (including some of the world’s hidden gems) in your RV and it will absolutely change your life, like all travels do.


7. You’ll never have to worry about your neighbours


When you buy a house, you generally can’t just get up and move away if you don’t like your neighbours. But with RV life, you never have to put up with anyone you don’t want to. You can hop in the driver’s seat and get out of town quicker than you can say “motorhome”. And if that power and freedom at your fingertips isn’t liberating and life changing enough, we don’t know what is.




8. You’ll become closer to your partner


If you’re living in the RV with your partner, chances are you’ll become a whole lot closer to them. It really is an us-against-the-world scenario and it’s one that helps a relationship flourish. You experience basically every second of the day with them and get to see the best things in the world with them too. If you’re in love, prepare for it to get even deeper.


9. You’ll never have to think about gardening again


You know you’re old when you’ve got to fret about the gardening. And with an RV, you’ll never get old. One of its life-changing impacts is never thinking about gardening again because the world becomes your garden in an RV. So, if you’re not remotely green-fingered, RVs will change your life for the better for sure. 


10. You’ll have more freedom than ever before


With no real housework or gardening, no keeping up with neighbours, friends or family like you used to and a bit more money in your pocket, the biggest change in your life when living in an RV is the freedom. It will be the most freedom you’ve ever had in your life, so enjoy every second.