3 Places in USA for Your Next Adventure Holiday

The third largest country in the world, occupying 9.63 million square kilometres and comprised of 50 states, the USA is the place to go if you’re wondering where your next holiday should be.

With so many diverse areas to see, and activities to experience, any traveller is spoilt for choice when planning their adventure holiday. Here’s our pick of the best spots for you to enjoy next experiences and stunning sights.


1. Colorado


An adventure playground for a thrill-seeker, Colorado not only has splendid panoramic views that is covered in colourful wildflowers, with plenty of hiking trails, but it also has a host of activities for you to try your hand at. Mountain biking, climbing, fishing and rafting on the Arkansas river are all popular activities for visitors seeking adventure.

If you fancy trying out something different, Red Rocks has an outdoor amphitheatre that holds host to big concerts in the summer. What better way to spend an evening – listening to good music in the scenic backdrop of the towering red rocks and beautiful wildflowers.

Appreciate the mountains and valleys of Colorado from a birds-eye view in a hot air balloon. Floating above the stunning landscape and peaks is an experience like no other.


2. Zion National Park


Head to Zion National Park in Utah and experience the magnitude of the mighty Zion Canyon. With incredible wildlife and plants to admire, a keen hiker can spend days hiking around the natural wonders, such as sandstone arches and the summit of Angel’s Landing.

Take a dip in some of the enchanting emerald pools nestled within Zion. There are three main pools – upper, middle and lower) for you to swim in, and are very easy to get to – with accessible pathways surrounded and views of Lady Mountain and Red Arch Mountain.

How about indulging in the very American past-time of horseback riding. Instead of a ranch, you’ll have the beautiful backdrop of Zion National Park, which any fan of cowboy Westerns will be sure to love.


3. Route 66


See all the best of the USA by taking a road trip across the historic Route 66. The route is now iconic, immortalised by film and TV, with films like Easy Rider and Thelma and Louise. The entire route travels through places like Chicago, Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri, Oklahoma City, Texas, Santa Monica and many more.

You can find many pre-planned road trip holidays along Route 66, where you can depart from New York and visit a number of states and national parks. Adventurers who want to experience the whole of the USA – a road trip might be in order!


If you’re looking for adventure, then book a holiday to America. It’s a vast place, with plenty to offer a thrill-seeker, or someone seeking new experiences. Start planning your adventure now, with our three top places to visit.