5 reasons to make your next holiday a surf holiday

In previous decades surfing used to be the preserve of counter-culture, pot smoking, beach bum types. The stigma associated with surfing was not a good one back in the 60’s and 70’s. But the times have changed. Since the 1980’s surfing has steadily begun to enter the mainstream, with over 35 million people across the globe now calling themselves surfers. In monetary terms this translates into over a $7 billion per year industry.

A summer holiday is a great time to take to the waves and try to stand up on a surfboard. In the last 20 years surf holidays have become increasingly popular and for some countries it’s helped put them on the tourist map like in the case of Nicaragua. In line with this rise popularity, there has been an influx of surf camps catering to both beginner and intermediate surfers. Most people learning to surf to will learn through a surf camp with countries like Portugal, Costa Rica, and Morocco having an assortment of surf camps to choose from. 

There are a plethora of places around the world to learn to surf in. From the warm waters of Nicaragua to the beautiful white sand beaches of Portugal. Always be sure to conduct comprehensive research on a surf destination of your choosing before booking a trip. Below are 5 reasons why you should consider your next holiday a surfing one.

1. Great for health and fitness


Surfing is one of the few sports where one gets a full body cardio workout. Your upper body is exercised extremely well from all the paddling you’ll be doing and you legs will be engaged once you start standing up on the surfboard. Finally, you’ll improve your breath work with the duck diving you’ll be doing under the waves


2. Beauty and tranquility


Some beginner surf camps are located in truly scenic parts of countries where the your surroundings will take your breath away. Places like Santa Teresa in Costa Rica and Ubud in Bali come to mind. The solitude one gets when being in the ocean regardless of where you are is special, and something surfers around the world revere.


3. Low starting costs


Surf camps which are ideal for those learning to surf have all the equipment one needs to take a surf lesson - surfboards and wetsuits. If you’re in a tropical country like Costa Rica or Bali you won’t even need a wetsuit because the water so warm. If you find yourself getting into to surfing and going to on regular surf holidays in colder waters, then investing in a wetsuit is usually a good idea.


4. Great for single travellers


Surf camps are a great place for single travellers due to the nature of how they run. Every morning a surf will take everyone staying at the camp for their morning surf lesson. This is a great chance to get to know everyone else in an environment which is conducive for congeniality. If you are travelling alone but not staying at a surf camp, taking lessons at a surf camp is still a great way to meet to people on your trip.


5. Combines well with yoga and meditation holidays


If you’re into yoga or meditation but looking for more of a balanced holiday where you can participate in other activities outside of yoga or meditation, then surfing is a perfect accompaniment to these activities. Most surf camps these days offer yoga classes that take place either before or after your surf lessons.


6. Cultural immersion


Surfing opens up the world to a traveller and enables one to discover exotic and culture-rich parts of the world that other holidays might not do. Examples of this are learning about the Berber people in Southern Morocco, the Mayans in Central America, and the Zulu’s in South Africa. In many cases the local people will also surf in their given country which allows for meaningful friendships and bonds to be made in the water.




All in all surfing transcends being just a sport. It’s a lifestyle. Moreover, it’s a lifestyle that lends itself to forming apart of epic holidays all over the world. Next time you’re planning your next holiday, think about making it a surf holiday.