5-Star Luxury Holiday Cottages that You Can Visit in England

Holidays are what we usually look forward to aside from our salaries. And it would be perfect if you spend your breaks on a vacation. If you have thought of going somewhere in England, then consider getting into 5-star luxury holiday cottages.

If you are spending because you deserve yourself and your family a treat, then prices won’t surely bother you. But the question now is “what are the perfect cottages for your holiday break?” To answer that question, here are some of the famous property companies in England.

·        Doxford Cottages

If you want to go to North East England, then try visiting Doxford Cottages in Northumberland. Their famous property unit is Doxford House, which has four bedrooms. But if you prefer smaller cottages, then you can choose some in Doxford Estate.

·        Barnacre Cottages

Another luxurious property in England is Barnacre Cottages. The rental units of the company are in Lancashire, North West England. These were originally built as farm buildings but were later renovated for holiday cottages. These cottages have received outstanding awards such as North West Tourist Board and Enjoy England.

·        Bon Accueil

Bon Accueil is good for short breaks with family and friends. This cottage has a spa, a swimming pool, a sauna and a games room. The cottage is located in Shropshire where you can pre-order grocery items before you even arrive at the said location.

·        Cotswolds Cottages

The ones in Cotswolds have one to five bedroom luxury holiday cottages and are provided by Bruern. If you want to spend your holidays in a unique surrounding, then experiencing units in Cotswolds is recommended.

·        Breamish Valley Cottages

Another set of 5-star luxury holiday cottages is at Breamish Valley Cottages, which is also located in Northumberland. They have 15 cottages in the place where they offer units for two up to eight people. There are also small units with a hot tub, an indoor heated swimming pool, a sauna and a steam room.

Now that you have great ideas for perfect vacation locations in England, you need to remember the important items to bring during your vacation.

·        Clothing

This is the most important among others. If we go on a vacation somewhere, we think of sunny days, so we usually bring light clothing; however, we cannot really tell whether the sunny sky might change into a rainy one, so having some layers to put on whenever it gets cold is still wiser.

·        Foods

It is always better to bring our favourites wherever we want to go on a vacation. Foods that we love can give us happiness, so better pack them too before it’s too late.

·        Entertainment and others

We go on a vacation to entertain ourselves and have fun. So bringing your handy gadgets and others for entertainment in cottages is also enjoyable. A vacation is much happier when you have additional entertainment with you.

Since you already have the list of ideal places in England to spend your breaks, it’s up to you to choose what luxury holiday cottagesare best for you. After all, this is your moment to make some good memories with your family and friends.