8 Things You Did Not Know About the Island of Malta

Malta is an absolute gem in the Mediterranean, visited by millions every year and offering a unique holiday experience to travellers from around the world. The island is not only beautiful, but also rich in culture and offers great cuisines to try.
Malta offers more than beautiful beaches and perfect weather. There are actually a lot of interesting things about this island nation and its place in the European Union. That is why we are going to take a look at the 8 things you didn’t know about Malta in this article.


It’s Old


It is safe to say that Malta is one of the most isolated areas in the Mediterranean, but that doesn’t mean the archipelago doesn’t have a long history of civilization under its beautiful charm. In fact, some of the historic sites across Malta date back to the Neolithic era, around 5000 BC.
There are 11 Megalithic monuments that you can now visit when you travel to Malta. All 11 sites are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. They are even regarded as among the oldest structures in the world.


Immigration by Investment


As part of the European Union, Malta has a fantastic immigration program for those who want to live on the island. Immigration to Malta is something that can be done through several programs, including the famous Immigration by Investment program.
Since Malta is a prime travel destination, there are a lot of luxury villas and properties to invest in. The economic climate, especially the tourism industry, is very supportive of new investments from abroad. There are a lot of other residence and immigration programs to choose from too.


A Thriving Economy


Speaking of opportunities, Malta also has a booming economy despite the recent news about uncertainties in the government. There are a lot of great jobs in Malta and they are all available to locals and professionals from other countries as well.
In fact, a lot of start-ups and corporations are starting to move their operations to Malta for two reasons. The low taxes and tariffs are certainly appealing to start-ups. The growing workforce is also a great thing for companies looking to expand their operations.


Culture Capital of Europe


Malta is officially the Culture Capital of Europe in 2018. The title is held by various countries on a yearly basis, and 2018 is Malta’s turn to be the host of this title. Malta has rich cultural roots and great diversity. You can see the many cultural influences as you explore the island of Malta




Unique Cuisines


Malta is also the home of many great cuisines that you cannot find elsewhere. There is something about the flavours added to Maltese cuisines that make any dish you try refreshingly delicious. The traditional savoury pastry known as Pastizz – or Pastizzi – is definitely a must-try.
Malta even has its own soft drink known as Kinnie and the signature lager Cisk, both of which are among the things you definitely must try whenever you visit Malta. The seafood on the island is great too.


Many Great Crafts


Crafts are very big in Malta. Traditional glass blowing and lace are some of the crafts that locals enjoy practicing. Both of these traditional crafts can be traced back to over a century ago. There are even places where you can get involved in these traditional crafts and try them yourself.
You want to visit the Ta’ Qali crafts village to try glass blowing, make your own lace, or buy the work of local artists and craftsmen. The prices of local crafts are great, plus they are incredibly beautiful. Some of the pieces you will find in the village will amaze you for sure.


It’s Well Connected


While Malta may be more secluded as an island, it is very in tune with modern technology. Almost all hotels and restaurants offer Wi-Fi for free or for a small fee. There are internet cafes and ways you can connect to the internet easily.
The well-connected nature of Malta is a good thing for its tourism industry, especially in today’s modern world. Travellers spend more time sharing Instagram Stories and holiday photos on Facebook, so having good and reliable internet connection is important.



It’s Full of Cars


Malta and its citizens have a special relationship with cars. There are around 400,000 people living on the island, and more than 300,000 vehicles registered. It is also true that Malta has a limited road network, so issues like traffic jams and lack of parking spaces are very prominent these days.
The love for cars in Malta is only getting stronger. There are more cars registered every month despite the improving public transportation system. Travellers visiting Malta will find renting a car to be the better option than taking the bus everywhere.
These are the eight things you did not know about the island of Malta. It is an interesting island – and a fascinating country as a whole – that offers so much to visitors from around the world.