Dream holidays for you and your children

The way the residents will welcome you and the ultimate joy that your children will feel will make you feel satisfied that you have chosen one of the following destinations for your family vacations. The best destinations for family getaways, are the following:




It may not be known as a cheap destination, but Denmark is one of the ideal destinations for family vacations. It's like it's built for kids. In Copenhagen there is the Tivoli amusement park, dating from 1843, where no one can hear enough musical figures for free, see fireworks and eat good food. Lego land is outside Billund in Jutland and is a small plastic world of Lego.




The locals love the kids a lot, which means that a lot of people will have an ice cream on the street, or they will "win" some other treats from street vendors. In Indonesia, beyond the exotic landscape, you can admire beautiful temples, delicious food, pamper monkeys and visit some of the world's finest beaches, while staying in one of the kid friendly hotels Bali has in a big variety.




It is a small and relatively cheap destination for families, while almost everyone speaks English. There is rich wildlife to admire, as well as enchanting beaches to rest. Your children can learn to play the traditional drums of the island as long as you enjoy your sunbathing.


Kerala, India


The chaos, colors and beauty of India make it one of the most exciting destinations for family travel. Elephants, palaces, castles, trains, beaches, jungle and wildlife are some of the "ingredients" that make up her.


New York, USA


It is aimed at families with children of all ages. It has many museums, galleries, parks, and a walk at the Bronx Zoo will not disappoint you.


Prague, Czech Republic


Prague is an ideal destination if you have only one weekend at your disposal. It is relatively small; it is easy to walk around the city  while its buildings will make you believe that you are a protagonist in some medieval history novel.




It is something like the Christmas Synonym. Besides there you can visit up to the Santa's house!


Algarve, Portugal


It is located on the south coast of Portugal, including the cities of Faro, Lagos and Portimao. The administrative center is Faro, where there is an international airport and a public university. The Algarve is a hilly area, crossed by rich valleys. In the summer, the population rises to one million thanks to the high turnout of tourists. Children will love the golden beaches, the blue waters and the hidden beaches. It is one of the best destinations in Europe for dolphin sightings and Jeep safaris are on offer.


Athens, Greece


Children can discover the roots of modern culture. Athens offers family holidays and alternative excursions such as a one-day cruise to Hydra or a trip to Meteora with cultural activities. The site, of course, is a visit to the Acropolis and the Parthenon.


Barcelona, Spain


The children here can discover the treasures and the beauties of the destination. It is an ideal choice for families. European Best Destinations are a visit to the Sagrada Familia Church and the Port Aventura theme park.


London, UK


London has many faces. Famous for its shopping, rock culture or subway, it is also one of Europe's best destinations for family holidays. Discover along with your children the beauty of Hyde Park and Green Park, Buckingham Palace, and Warner Bros. Studios in Harry Potter's footsteps.


Madrid, Spain


Your children will love this wonderful city. The capital of Spain is famous for its quality of life, its impressive parks and for its football team. Visit Atletico Madrid and indulge in hundreds of activities for families.