Driving the Amalfi Coast by Motorbike

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the West, with its beautifully surreal, yet entirely real, stunning coast and spectacular vistas. 
A 50 kilometre stretch of stacked houses, deep turquoise sea and pristine sandy beaches in the south of Italy is perfect for even the fussiest traveller. 
It is a delight to bikers who wish to see this glorious pocket of the planet on two wheels. So, here are our top tips for driving the Amalfi Coast by motorbike.


Best time to go

In order to avoid busy roads and dense crowds, we recommend driving the Amalfi Coast by motorbike at the end of the summer and beginning of autumn. 
The peak season for tourism is in the hotter months of mid-June to early September, so any time post-September to the end of October is ideal for travelling there on your motorbike, as is the springtime. 
Not only will you avoid huge crowds, you’ll get cheaper prices and milder weather too.

What to wear

As mentioned, it gets hot on the Amalfi Coast, especially in biking gear. Just because it gets hot, though, does not mean you can avoid wearing your helmet. That is a must. 
We also recommend knee and elbow pads to ensure extra safety if you’re riding somewhere pretty unorthodox.
If you want to avoid looking like you’ve been caught in a downpour, worry not. Science has given bikers many great things, including breathable fabrics for boots and jackets to help with sweat. 
It has also paved the way for lightweight neck fabrics, which are breathable and help remove excess moisture from your skin. Jeans can also be bought with Kevlar which helps provides extra protection and safety, so you can ride easy.




What to take

Seeing as you’re driving the Amalfi Coast by motorbike, we would definitely recommend taking anything you think will come in handy when it comes to the bike. 
Take your tools and your gear to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible while touring this beautiful part of Italy. We would also strongly recommend packing not only a GPS, but a real map too (yes, they still exist!) just in case.
Although biking doesn’t require a stunning maxi dress or smart shirt and trousers, some places on the Amalfi Coast just do. And it’s nice to dress up. 
So, we recommend packing some smart and ‘posh’ clothes for the trip, because you’ll no doubt dine in at least one up-market restaurant. Also, you should pack some shorts and t-shirts for any day trip excursions you take without your motorbike.

Where to visit

It goes without saying that any beach on the Amalfi Coast is a must-visit and you should spend at least one full day relaxing on one and soaking up those rays. 
You should also have a nod to the Amalfi Cathedral, a gorgeous 9th century building bearing the crypt of St Andrew and head off on a day trip to the Sirenuse, a cluster of small islands off the coast, fulfilling all of your idyllic beach dreams.

Best views

Make sure you take a peek at the Amalfi Coast from some of the mountains, especially Lattari Mountains Regional Park – it’s a great ecotourism site and gives you some of the most stunning views in all of Italy. 
Other great places for great views are in the smaller towns, such as Cetara, which can be reached by motorbike, and the Fjord of Furore, which is a special place for artisans who appreciate something beautiful to look at. 
We also recommend the terrace of Hotel Caniso in Ravello and the terrace of Hotel Villa Franca in Positano, where the expanse of the Mediterranean can be viewed over a romantic meal and on the jutting, rough cliffs of the Amalfi Coast.

Where to eat and sleep

When driving the Amalfi Coast by motorbike, you’re not short of places to sleep. You have plenty of towns to dot between, each offering something different. 
In Ravello, you have true serenity, but no beach; in Positano you have great nightlife and stunning beaches, but it is very busy; Sorrento has the best sights, but isn’t exactly on the Amalfi Coast; and Amalfi itself has rich architecture and culture, but is extremely busy in high season. Sleeping can be done affordably in each town in their hotels, hostels and even campsites, depending on your budget.
Eating should always be done where the locals eat, due to price and authenticity. However, we do recommend heading to La Sponda, perhaps the most beautiful restaurant on the Coast, and Ristorante Eolo for a gorgeous coastal view and romantic setting.

Enjoy your exploring!