GPSMyCity App - A New Approach to City Guides

I'm sure that, before traveling, you check out online all the attractions and spots worth seeing in the city or town you're planning to visit. More often than not, you wish you could go back to the posts and articles you have found online while you're abroad. But what if you don't have the access to the Internet and the charges for roaming are astronomical? You can use GPSMyCity - a GPS guided travel app which will allow you to download those articles so you can browse them offline on the go.


How does GPSMyCity work?


GPSMyCity has a huge data base (over 1000 cities and nearly 7000 different itineraries). Because it is based on the real people's experiences, it will offer you a wide range of the most important attractions as well as the hidden gems - you can choose them according to your taste. The app will show you a detailed walking route map with turn by turn directions using GPS tracking and the best thing is that it works offline! No roaming and no data plan needed when you upgrade your app! 

Wouldn't it be easier if you had an App that would prepare the full itinerary of the city you're interested in? You could simply focus on enjoying your time rather than on the arduous searching and preparing of all the stops during your visit. GPSMyCity does all that for you!

You can find many of my articles on GPSMy City - which means you can enjoy great, detailed city guides filled with high quality photos also in less visited countries where few of ordinary tourists travel to.





Free App Giveaway


To celebrate the launch of our posts on GPSMyCity, I would like to announce that now you can download quite a few of my articles. And more will be added systematically.

Please note the for the first week of the launch (until July 10), you can download the following guides for free:


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