Invite your readers on your next trip and make some money

As a travel blogger, you probably have a lot of experience traveling to the new, exciting places and exploring the depths of different sites around the world. Have you ever considered sharing your travel expertise with your readers by inviting them on your trips? Take your readers with you to your favorite spots across the globe and make some money in the process.

Here are a some tips to help you create successful trips for your readers.


Do your research


Before you start putting together your tour, you should think about your target clients and where they would like to go, what activities they would like to do and which sites you should include on the itinerary. Are you offering tours suitable for people of all ages? Or are you focusing on students? What about families? Also think about how many people you would be able to handle on each trip. Thinking about who your potential clients might be will help you plan a suitable and enjoyable trip.


Share detailed trip information


A detailed itinerary is very important and will show your readers exactly what's included in the trip and what they can expect to do each day. Think about what information you would like to know before booking a trip and make sure to include all of it. 

Providing all the necessary information will show your readers that you are well prepared and organized, which will then reinforce their decision to book your trip. It emphasizes that you know what you're doing and can be trusted to plan a successful and enjoyable excursion. 

Make your readers want to go on your trips by including captivating pictures to complement the itinerary. Show pictures of people enjoying themselves at the different locations as well as beautiful landscapes that people will be inspired to visit in person. 


Make a daily plan of action


In addition to a detailed itinerary, a detailed plan for each and every day of your trip is essential. Think about every step of the day and plan it out. Plan out and schedule times for things such as meeting your customers at the airport, transportation, arranged meals, daily meetings with you customers to let them know what they'll be doing the next day and asking for feedback. 

Planning out the days will help you keep to your schedule and stay connected with your customers in order to give them an amazing travel experience. 


Work on your customer service


People always remember the small things that make their experience feel personal and special. Always reply to your readers’ queries in a friendly and polite manner that shows that you will do your best to help them find what they're looking for. Providing good customer service will leave your readers happy, inspire loyalty to your blog and, therefore, increase the chances of repeat business. 

Start off your trips by giving your customers a small gift when you meet them. Something made locally is usually a good idea as it's more personal and unique. If you're meeting at the airport for the first time, give them something that will be easy to fit into their luggage. Items made out of fabric, like scarves and material bags, are a good choice. This will help to set your trip off to a good start. 


Get a reliable and easy booking system


With today's technology, all bookings can be done online, which saves you the effort of rifling through e-mail chains or cluttered Excel spreadsheets.

You can use the new WeTravel software to effectively and efficiently manage your bookings. It has many useful features to help you keep track of your customers and their necessary information. 


Help your readers book tours on your blog


It's vital to have an efficient and reliable payment software so that the whole payment process is smooth and stress-free for you and your clients. 

WeTravel has created payment software that is perfect for travel bloggers and travel organizers. The best part is that it's affordable, simple to implement and is a secure channel through which to make payments. You can even have the payment software imbedded into your site.

See how it works.


Promote your trips


Aside from promoting your trips on your travel blog, it's a good idea to also advertise through various other platforms, such as Facebook and travel market places. This will allow many people outside your established network to see your trips and check out what you offer. 

Promoting your trip through Facebook is simple, affordable, and a good way to drive some new traffic to your site. It's also a great platform to connect with your readers and keep them up to date with your travel blog. There are many useful benefits to be gained by advertising your trips on Facebook. 

Travel market places are very useful channels to utilize in order to reach more people and increase your traffic. Many people search for tours through various travel market places and are more likely to see your trips. 


Collect reviews and feedback


Ask your clients for written feedback during and after your trips so that you can improve your service and future trips. There are many sites you can join that are specifically created for travel reviews, such as TripAdvisor.

Listening to and engaging with your customer's feedback will help you to keep growing and providing better trips and services by learning from your experiences and the experiences of your customers. This will, in time, help you boost your reviews and lead to an increase in customers and repeat business. 

We hope these pointers will help you to grow your travel blog and make some money by taking your readers on successful and fulfilling trips.