Small Ways To Educate Yourself in Writing

Writing professionally typically refers to the intellectual ability to turn ideas and thoughts into appropriate words. It isn’t as simple as it sounds for many people. Many people can't write even a simple blog. Knowing how to write is typically everyone’s passion, no one likes the fact that he/she can’t write. Below is a list of some helpful tips that will improve your writing:

1. Join writers groups and forums

Writing groups offer you a chance to network with other writers. In these groups, you get a chance to learn other writers’ techniques as some writes shares their writings. This is also where you will grasp an opportunity to market your work after you have become a professional.

2. Online resources

Technology has also made learning simple as you can now register for an online class which allows you to study at your comfort not having to attend school. There are many websites offering online classes both basic and advanced. Look for one that is affordable for you and start learning. Apart from online classes, you can also acquire free information by watching some clips on YouTube and reading blogs. Utilize all the resources available to better your writing skills.

3. Writing workshops

Workshops aren’t lawfully made for students, and they are open to anyone. Get to the college or university near you and get to know whether they host writing workshops. You can also look for online writing workshops available and join. In a workshop, you will meet skilled writers than you are, learn some tips from them. Request them for a solution in your areas where you’re stuck. Write and give your writings to the panel, allow them to read and listen to their comments.


4. Hiring a tutor

If you can’t make to read textbooks and online resources you can hire a tutor or an instructor. You can even hire an online tutor to help you. The most magnificent thing about hiring a tutor is that he/she is a professional in his area of specialization and therefore you will learn valuable tips that will help boost your writing to a professional level. You can even query him/her to focus only on areas you have a problem with instead of having to start from a beginner’s level if you have got some writing basics. Get asking him/her questions on topics you need clarification.

5. Specialize in one type of writing

There are three main types of writing: narrative, expository and persuasive. It is worthy to be good at all of them, but as a beginner, you need to specialize with one at a time. After you are good at one type of writing, you can now opt for the other one. Learning all of them at the same time can be confusing, and you may even end up more confused than before. Sometimes you may not even know where to start your writing, you even don’t know what to write all you need to do is to pay for an essay and have it written by professional. Assess the essay and get some writing skills from it.

6. Reading

To become a brilliant writer, you must be a good reader, someone who loves reading. Read examples of what you are learning to write. Reading creative writing books grants you a head-start of your writing. It is through reading you will get to know some basics such as word choice and other elements of writing. It is through reading you will get to know the format of the writings. Reading also expands your vocabulary ability. As a writer, you need reading a variety of writings to get a better understanding of what it takes to have persuasive writing. Textbooks aren’t made for students only, and they are made for everyone who wants to explore the basics of something. There are several writing textbooks available in the market which can help you gain an understanding and background in writing. It isn’t a must that you have to buy new textbooks if you have time to visit libraries and you will get this books there.

7. Writing seminars and conferences

These are short one day or two days of classes. These classes are taught by experienced writers. Attending writing seminars will help you learn some writing skills and obtain a solution for your long time writing challenges as you will have a chance to interact with professionals and ask them customized questions about your writing.

8. Practice

Practice writing. Try to implement each and every writing skill you learn. It is only via practice you will get to know whether you’re improving or not. After writing read and try to pick out things you need to improve on. Present your writings to friends and obtain their views, improve on areas they find you are writing poorly to make it good.

9. Grammar

To write you need to have an excellent command of the language you are writing in. A more accurate understanding of grammar plays a major role in your success in writing. This is where you need to start. No one will read your work if it has common grammar mistakes such as spelling, punctuation, and others. As a writer, your grammar must be good for you to be able to express your ideas early. To Improve your grammar, you must be a competent reader. It is only via reading you will get to improve your command in writing.


This is a guest post by Sandra Hayward.

Sandra is a freelancer at EduBirdie. She is an experienced writer and an author helping students with their assignments. Sandra is on top of that a physiologist committed to helping students cope adequately with school challenges. She has published several books and articles related to coping with life challenges at different levels.