The best Game Of Thrones filming locations to visit on your travels

Unless you've been hiding on another planet, the Game of Thrones will feature to some degree in your life, even if it is just to extoll your virtues of not seeing a single episode.

You're missing out, not just on one of television's epic adventures but some staggering locations. This is a series which hasn’t just become a part of popular TV culture, it features in every arm of the entertainment industries from the original books through Telltale Games video game and online casino slots such as those at Betway Casino, created by Microgaming.


10. Dragonstone




Or as the locals call it Zumaia, in the Spanish province of Guipúzcoa. The beach where Jon Snow shows Daenerys Targaryen the Dragonstone they need to defeat the Wightwalkers, is called Itzurum, and is easily accessible.

The Flysch Route, a coastal trail, is the best way to find the beach and using a tour guide is highly recommended due to the Atlantic tides.


9. Dragonstone Footbridge




A majestic winding path from the castle to the beach on Dragonstone is another Spanish location. Also in Guipúzcoa, the bridge is to be found in the town of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. There is a small chapel at the peak rather than a castle but the walk to the beach is absolutely breath-taking.

And being just 35km from Bilbao, the Basque capital, gives you the perfect base for exploring a beautiful region of Spain.


8. The Dragon Pit




Cersei and Daenerys meet for the first time in a grand amphitheatre, an ancient Dragon Pit according to Tyrion who explains the violent past as they walk into the meeting with Lannisters.

The third Spanish location, these are ruins of the Roman city of Italica, the birth place of the emporers Trajan and Hadrian. Found on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Seville, which itself has a vibrant nightlife with plenty of fascinating historical sites itself.


7. The Great Wall




Destroyed in the final scenes of Season 7, the Great Wall is considerably closer to home than the Spanish locations.

The Magheramorne Quarry in Northern Ireland gets something of a snowy makeover for the show thanks to CGI graphics. And Quarry is in ruder health than the Wall!


6. The Dark Hedges


Northern Irish locations featured heavily in earlier seasons, not least this amazing grouping of beech trees which line a road near Stranocum in County Antrim.

Forming an imposing archway the length of the road, there is an air of menace and fantasy in a terrifying natural phenomenon which leads to Mussenden Temple in the series.


5. Beyond The Great Wall




Iceland, with its glacial natural beauty, provides the perfect backdrop for the rugged lands of the wildlings. With the Wightwalkers coming from the snowy wastes, the largest glacier in Europe at Vatnajokull, forms an imposing backdrop for the visceral exchanges between reality and fantasy.


4. Astapor




Where Daenerys gained the undying loyalty of the Unsullied for the first time. Exchanging her largest dragon for the army of eunuchs, she turns the men loose on the masters, freeing every slave along the way. Truly a woman of the people.

The scenes are filmed in the gorgeous Moroccan coastal city of Essaouira, with its sea walls repelling the tides long after centuries protecting the inhabitants from invaders.


3. Dothraki Sea


Spain resurrected its favoured role as a film location with the Bardenas Reales Badlands, in the northern province of Navarre.

A natural park – protected by the Spanish government – there is also a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve as well. And the Spanish military right in the middle of it all with their equivalent of Salisbury Plains!


2. Highgarden




The ancestral home of House Tyrell which witnesses the death of Olenna Tyrell following Jamie Lannister’s conquering of the castle. Cersei as ever, ordered her execution although the soft-hearted Jamie makes it swift.

Castillo de Almodovar del Rio provides the backdrop to the scenes. Found on the banks of the Rio Guadalquivir, in Andalusia, and built in the 8th Century when the Moors conquered Iberia. And is not far from the city of Cordoba.


1. King’s Landing




The capital of Westeros has been filmed in one location since the first season: Dubrovnik.

Already a popular tourist destination, the majestic Croatian city, is exploited to its fullest extent by the filmmakers throughout the season. From the murderous Old City through Stradun where Cersei’s Walk of Pennance takes place, the walls of the city weep with blood and history.

Elsewhere in the suburbs, Gradac Park provided the location of Joffrey Baratheon’s marriage to Sansa Stark, as well as the place of his death.