Three Useful Apps To Bring When Traveling

All travel-related apps have something in common: they do make our wanderings easier. That being said, with Play Store and iTunes full of apps claiming to make our traveling life easier, simply being “useful” seems no longer enough for app developers who are aspiring to become the next Steve Jobs. So whether an app helps passengers find emergency WiFi spots, organize personal documents, or how to manage the dreadful jetlag, the 3 apps below are worth citing for being not only extremely useful but also practical in addressing the problems that people don’t even realize they have.


Free Wi-Fi Finder


free Wi-fi finder


The Internet is one of the most helpful tools to people today when traveling. Without it, we’d have to rely on good ol’ paper maps and asking for directions from the locals (which isn’t a bad thing but they’re time-consuming compared to having all the information right at your fingertips). So if you find yourself in a pinch and in desperate need of free WiFi, the aptly-named Free Wi-Fi Finder is your best friend. The app’s most useful function is, of course, pointing you to the nearest location where you can freely access the Internet.






When you travel to places, you’ll often find yourself browsing through a sea of documents. And having lots of them can be quite frustrating especially if it always takes you 5 minutes to find the right one. If you have TripIt, however, you can save yourself from browsing your documents every single time as it intelligently organizes them all for you. All you have to do is input your flight, lodgings, and other documents to the app and it combines them all into one organized itinerary.


JetLag Genie



To some, the most challenging thing when traveling is finding cheap hotels in first-world countries. To others, especially the frequent travelers out there, it’s jetlag. Slowly shifting your sleeping habits is advised when traveling to another country, and LetLag Genie will help you do just that. All you have to do is key in your destination, date of travel, and regular sleeping schedule and it’ll present you with a customized alarm clock that will help you adjust to your new time zone.

Today’s apps are no longer confined in the entertainment genre. There are now apps that provide aid to everyday activities, and the aforementioned apps are proof of that. The creator of the entertainment site Pocket Fruity asserts that people now use their gadgets in quite unusual of places nowadays, which is probably why developers are always looking for new ways to make apps that are useful to people. There are apps useful for traveling, driving, cooking, and, in the future, we’d probably see an app that’s useful for doing personal things inside the toilet! Or is there already an app for that?


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