Top 5 Natural Wonders of Jamaica

Jamaica - the home of Bob Marley and the third largest island of the Greater Antilles. Located south of Cuba, among turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is a well known beach destination where everyone can find something to their liking. You love the sea? - Jamaica boasts beautiful coast. You prefer nature or hiking? - you can admire tropical forests and unique, terraced waterfalls. Take a look at the list of 5 amazing natural wonders on this paradise island and get enchanted!


The beaches


Jamaica is a perfect beach destination, it goes without saying - white sand, crystal clear seas and the perfect tropical climate. What else could you want from an ideal vacation destination! You can find beautiful beaches in Jamaica virtually at every corner - the ones surrounded with high standard resorts as well as more hidden, wild coves.

If you love peace, try beaches like Mammee Bay, Boston Bay beach, or Frenchmen Cove (which are those a bit concealed - without too many tourists). You'll love it! 

If you wish, however, to treat yourself to a bit of luxury and don't want to break the bank, it's easy to find the best offers and amazing deals for houses for rent in Jamaica. Try the northern side of the island - around Coral Beach or Montego Bay. 



Dunn's River Falls


Dunn's River Falls are located near the town of Ocho Rios and a popular Dolphin Cove where you can stop to take a swim. 

But if you're bored with the beach and the sea - there's something for you too! Dunn's River Falls are a perfect alternative!

The unusual waterfall that resembles a cascade of terraces is situated in the middle of a rain forest. Surrounded be the natural "umbrellas" of lush green trees, it's a great place where you can hide from the tropical heat and cool down in the fresh waters of the River Dunn's.

Climbing the waterfall can be challenging but the strength comes in numbers! You won't do it alone - those who wish to reach the top create some sort of a "human rope" and help to pull one another up.

It's an experience one of a kind but be careful as the surface can get slippery. When you reach the top - after the rush of adrenaline, you can finally relax in one of the naturally formed pools - it feels like a jacuzzi made by Mother Nature!


Blue Mountains National Park


Yes, when you're in Jamaica, you probably spend all day long on the beach or at the swimming pool sipping cocktails and enjoying the tropical paradise. But what if, for a change, you want to do something different? The beach vacation is great but there are many people who also love the mountains. If you're one of them, Jamaica has something for you too!

The Blue Mountains National Park is ideal for all those who love to spend their time in an active way and want to get away from the beaten path and crowds of tourists. Contrary to the coastal areas, within the boundaries of the Blue Mountains National Park, you won't find too many people. What you'll get instead is peace and calming silence. Surrender to the nature - it's the best way to charge your batteries before returning to the busy, hectic city life.

The hike to the peak of the Blue Mountain will take 3-4 hours but it's well worth the effort! You have to start while it's still dark but the views of the sunrise when you're on top will be indescribeble!

On the way, you'll be surrounded by beautiful rain forest, many spectacular waterfalls and abundant wildlife - if you're patient - you might be able to spot colorful birds.


Green Grotto Caves


Green Grotto Caves are another natural wonder in Jamaica that's ideal for all those who love more than just a beach. Located near the town of Ocho Rio, reaching the Green Grotto Caves can be combined with River Dunn's Falls into a perfect day trip.

The rock formations in the caves as well as the underground lakes of clear, green water are spectacular. However, it's not the color of water that gave the caves its name. It's the green algae that grow on the rocky walls. 

The caves stretch up to 10 miles underground towards the coast, however your visit will be limited to a walk around a mile long and will take more or less 45 minutes. Don't be surprised to meet other "visitors" too - the bats and even some reptiles!

The Grottos are not only a natural phenomenon but also have a historical importance - they were used as a hideaway for the slaves who managed to run away from the oppressors.



Martha Brae River Rafting


Martha Brae River, located around 6 miles from Falmouth is another natural wonder waiting for you to discover.

If you want to see more of the amazing rainforest from the river level - rafting down the River Martha Rae is a great option for you! The experience is simply incredible - you'll be using a bamboo raft made by local people and driven by a local "captain" who will tell you about interesting facts regargind the flora, founa and the history of Jamaica.

Who knows, you might be lucky and you'll manage to spot the flowers of Jamaican Bamboo plant during the rafting. It blooms only once every 33 years!