USA vs Canada - Which is Best for an Adventure Holiday?

Any traveller planning a trip to North America might ask themselves which is the best destination for a holiday – USA or Canada? Both countries are known for their diversity - you could just as easily visit a stunning national park as you could a cosmopolitan city in either.

So, which country should you choose for your next adventure holiday? Let’s compare the two different destinations to help you make your decision.




Catch a glimpse of the largest land animal in North America when you visit Alberta, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories of Canada – the wood bison. It’s also home to the pronghorn antelope, blue whales, Black and Grizzly Bears, coyotes, moose and many more, tourists can enjoy seeing these impressive creatures in their natural habitat.

The USA also boasts an array of wildlife for any keen spotter. Yellowstone National Park has a population of 30,000 elk in residence, gray wolves and deer. Alaska’s tundra gives you open views of caribou, moose and grizzles.

With so many accessible spots for wildlife sightings, you’ll never be short of choice when visiting Canada or USA to spot them in their natural homes.




One of the hiking highlights in Canada is Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. It’s lush evergreens, stunning waterfalls and scenic walking routes are perfect for a hiking adventure. If you don’t mind the cold, the views are breathtakingly beautiful in the winter, covered in a soft layer of snow and frozen lakes and streams.

With 59 national parks in the USA, there are plenty of hiking trails for a keen walker. The most famous of them include the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Yosemite – all of which include iconic landmarks and an abundance of wildlife that is instantly recognisable.




For thrill-seekers, Canada boasts an abundance of winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing, as well as dog sledding in Alberta. How about a canoe trip in the Yukon territory, where you can explore abandoned settlements and try to spot bears, beavers and moose from the view of the river.

Colorado, in the West of the USA, has a huge range of adventure activities – sandboarding, biking, and white water rafting are all popular summer sports for an adventurous explorer.


USA and Canada are both excellent holiday spots for an adventurer to explore and there’s an abundance of hiking spots, activities and wildlife spotting trips to choose from. Book your trip today for a holiday that you’ll never forget.