Visiting Serbia: Tips & Tricks You Should Know Before Taking The Plunge

Serbia’s candidacy for European Union membership has created added interest in the numerous attractions of this geographically diverse country and is expected to lead to increased tourism in the area. Visitors to this scenic region will enjoy the picturesque villages and resorts located in the mountainous areas of Serbia, the beautiful Danube River and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the capital city of Belgrade. From cycling tours along the Danube Bike Trail to the picturesque wine routes in rural Serbia, destination holidays in Serbia are an ideal way to explore this historic area.

Natural beauties

Serbia is home to some of the most beautiful geological formations in the world. Located on the Baltic Peninsula in southeastern Europe, this county has much to offer visitors. Their diverse terrain, welcoming climate, and fascinating historical sites attract tourists from around the world.  One such landmark is the famed Djavolja Varos, a series of 202 unusually shaped rock towers located on the Radan Mountain. This natural monument is known for the haunting whistles and moaning sounds caused by wind blowing between this column-shaped structures.


Eastern Serbia also features a number of beautiful cave systems that are open for exploration by visitors to the area. Four separate ranges make up the system of mountains that cover much of Serbia’s land area and are responsible for the country’s unique natural beauty, so prepare the best camera for outdoor use as you’ll take one of the most beautiful photos you’ll have in your travel collection. Throughout the country, visitors will be impressed with the warm welcome they will receive from the friendly residents of this modern nation.


Serbia is full of unspoiled forests

Serbia is full of unspoiled forests


Shopping and sightseeing

Belgrade offers a wide range of activities for visitors including some of the world’s most unusual shopping opportunities in the series of shops known as the Bazaar. Popular attractions include the world-famous Belgrade Zoo, located inside the historic Kalemegdan Fortress, the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet, the Nikola Tesla Museum features a number of his most famed inventions and experiments and the beautiful Topcider Park. Numerous cafes offer wireless Internet connections throughout Serbia, so guests will want to bring a laptop along for lazy mornings sipping a cup of traditional Serbian coffee and planning the day’s activities. Most hotels are also equipped with wireless Internet for mobile devices or laptop users.


What you have to visit while in Belgrade:


●      Cathedral of St Sava - The largest Orthodox church in the world

●      Nikola Tesla Museum - where the life and work of Nikola Tesla is displayed.

●      Belgrade Fortress and the Kalemegdan Park - the most popular promenade in Belgrade

●      The Museum of Aviation

●      The Museum of Yugoslav History - a national history museum

●      Skadarlija street - a famous traditional, vintage street in Belgrade with traditional restaurants and music


Modern Belgrade

Modern Belgrade


Historic destinations

While most archaeological sites in Serbia are not open to the public, evidence of the ancient Roman roads, bridges and settlements can be seen throughout the country. Three of the most important Roman settlements are Mediana, Sirmium and Felix Romuliana (Gamzigrad on local language); the latter archaeological site also features a spa resort. Orthodox monasteries are among the most beautiful and popular attractions in Serbia. These monasteries have religious and architectural significance and display artistic influences from the Byzantine, Roman, Baroque and medieval periods in the history of Serbia. Wine tasting vacations can highlight the millennium-long tradition of Serbian winemaking in tranquil rural surroundings.




The Serbian kitchen, is something exquisite, you can find a mixture of East, West and the South all in the one dish. Serbian meals are highly nutritious and wherever you go you’ll be offered to eat, so be hungry because you’ll eat a lot while in Serbia.


Serbian cuisine is all about meat. Roasted, grilled, fried, barbecued, vegetable stuffed meat, meat with vegetable garnish… But don’t be too worried if you’re a vegetarian, Serbia is also a country that has one of the best non-meat dishes in the world such as Kaymak (the finest milk cream you won’t find anywhere else but here), gibanica (specifically prepared cheese pie), corn polenta with cheese, corn bread, Ajvar and fruit jams just to name a few.


St. Sava Cathedral

St. Sava Cathedral


Local activities


The tourist boards of each town carefully plan activities, events, performances, and concerts throughout the summer to keep the tourists, visitors and locals happy and entertained. As for the sports, football, tennis, volleyball and golf courts can be found almost everywhere, as well as water sports and cycling tracks. Scuba diving, windsurfing, yachting, Paragliding, sailing, bungee jumping – if you can think of it, Serbia got it – and you’ll be surprised at how affordable prices. Many programs are planned for the elderly and the as well.




Serbia is actually a very safe country and the crime rate is pretty low if you look at the European standards. Some petty thefts can occur, but it's unlikely you'll be robbed in the streets. Most of these thefts occur if you leave valuable possessions without supervision at cafes or beaches. Use common sense and keep your luxury items in your hotel room. The nights are generally peaceful and safe even during the night hours and it’s extremely rare that major incidents occur. As for the terrorism, Serbia is one of the countries that haven’t received nor seen any threat to their tourists and locals so you’ll be pretty safe here.


Serbian countryside

Serbian countryside


Road trip to Montenegro


After enjoying Serbia, take thetime to travel to the southern republic of Montenegro. Bordering the Adriatic Sea, this country boasts a Mediterranean climate, breathtaking topography, and exquisite beaches which have earned it the name “pearl of the Mediterranean.” The beautiful island village of Sveti Stefan is perhaps the most coveted attraction in Montenegro. Chosen as Lonely Planet's Top 10 A-list destinations, this iconic village has been a favorite destination of celebrities and royalty. In order to enjoy Montenegro's historical architecture, visit the city of Perast and tour the amazing church of Our Lady of the Rock. For outdoor enthusiasts, Durmitor National Park is a must-see destination. Located in the northern part of the country, this park offers travelers the chance to enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. All in all, Montenegro offers something for every type of traveler.

Serbia is a beautiful and diverse holiday destination with numerous attractions and activities sure to please visitors to this scenic region. Accommodations and attractions are reasonably priced as well, making Serbia an affordable choice for a weekend holiday or an extended stay.


Kotor in Montenegro

Kotor in Montenegro