Zambales Philippines – A Secret Tourist Spot

You might have been to Philippines in the past, but it’s quite likely that you have missed on a paradise! Zambales, from the outside might look just like any other average island in the Philippines but most of its treasures are well kept secrets. Zambales is in fact, one of the most picturesque tourist destinations in the Philippines. Let’s talk about where you need to go and the things to do in Zambales.


1.      Immerse yourself in the Philippine culture at Botolan Resettlement Sites

The Botolan are resettlement villages that are located across Zambales in Baquilan, Taugtug, Brgys and Loob-bunga. Baquilan, in particular is populated by the Aeta people, hundreds of them and you can be a part of the rituals and lifestyle that comes from the deep forests of Mt. Pinatubo. After the eruption of the volcano, the surviving families have shifted to Botolan but still practice their age old rituals.


2.      Check out the Camara Ancestral House

The first Filipino Governor of Zambales, Vicente Camara was appointed in 1898, amidst the middle of the war with the Americans. The Camara House, that remains untouched even today, defines the kind of housing that was prevent during that time. Built from local hardwood like narra, yakal and molave, it’s a quaint but extravagant structure. The highlight of the house is the main staircase that was cut out of a single log of hardwood. This house was also used as the headquarters of the Japanese during the war.


3.      The Capones Island Lighthouse

The Lighthouse at Capones Island, also called the Faro de Punta Capones had been another significant structure during the war, signaling vessels entering Manila. Today, it still serves as a beacon for vessels getting close to the rocky shores of the islands.


Beaches in the Philipines 

Beaches in the Philipines 


4.      Stroll through the Olongapo City

This beach city is characterized by deep sea harbor and narrow entrance that is closely guarded by the naval defense of Philippines. It had been a major shipyard during the war and today is the Subic Naval Base for the country. Tourists are allowed to several parts of the Freeport zone and this has attracted millions of businesses built around hospitality.


5.      Visit the Alwasan Lanum Cave

Locally translating into “water outflow”, the Alwasan Lanum is a concave fissure along a mountain that is endowed with natural formations. The best part about the cave is the sound of the waves rushing into the cascade. There’s also a small waterfall that you can check out.


6.      Bacala Guesthouse

A local wonder, this is the perfect if you have been wondering where to stay in Luzon. Located right in the middle of the shallow reefs, the wooden guesthouse would be the most dramatic accommodations you would have ever experienced. There’s also a sand bar, if that makes things exciting!


7.      Calanga Reef

When in Bataan, you just cannot miss out on an experience of the Calanga Reef. Spread across 40 hectares, this is an amazing diving spot for experiencing marine life and corals.

When in Bataan, you should always been seeking unique adventures. Not all places are well talked about but can be perfect surprises!


Alwasan Lanum Cave

Alwasan Lanum Cave