Things to do in Dubai desert safari

Over the years Dubai has emerged as the hot spot for holidays. The tourism authority of Dubai has invested a lot of time and money to help Dubai emerge as “THE” place to visit. Be it shopping, beaches, parks, museums, mosques and infrastructure everything has been built and developed of remarkable standards, which collectively ensure maintaining a high influx of tourists all year round. 

Dubai in all its glory most importantly provides its visitors the EXPERIENCE. The experience to visit culture - old and new, experience to shop the heritage from both modern and ancient era - malls and souks, experience to face the fear and live the adventures - sky diving and the world renowned DESERT SAFARI.

Dubai Desert Safari is the highlight for all the tourists visiting Dubai. In essence, a desert safari involves a jeep drive through enormous mounds of sand (called "dune-bashing"), and a stop at a campsite where you'll have the opportunity to ride camels, get henna tattoos and be entertained by a belly dancer during dinner. 

This solo activity excites people of all age groups. Children, adults and elderly - everyone can enjoy an evening full of fun, adventure, entertainment and mouthwatering FOOD. Here is a round-up of all the things you need to do on a 6-hour long Desert safari Dubai and enjoy a mix of traditional and modern desert adventures.


  1. Soak in the views of the golden desert. As the driver (your guide) takes on the small and big sand dunes in a 4x4 with steep uphill and downhill climbs, sit back and enjoy the majestic views of the golden mighty desert. It an experience of a lifetime.


  1. Ride a camel. Make sure to visit the camel farm in the heart of the desert and ride one too. Take pictures and don’t forget to enjoy your ride.


  1. Dune bashing and sand boarding. Enjoy an exhilarating sand boarding experience down the desert dunes. This is such a fun activity the desert safari offers. Experience the thrill to ride across or down a sand dune while standing on a board, either with both feet strapped in or while standing loose, without bindings.


  1. Take pictures with the falcon. Meet the locals at the desert who offer you to hold the gigantic bird and click pictures.


  1. Visit shops/ stalls. Visit exciting stalls that offer henna tattoos and city souvenirs.


  1. Enjoy the dinner. There is a wide variety of scrumptious treats being offered. There is a new shawarma station, now open. You can also book a VIP tent where they serve everything to that tent without having to stay in the queues. Delicious BBQ under the Arabian stars, while the show starts.


  1. Entertainment. As everyone sits around the camp fire, the show begins. There is a live folk and belly dancing performance. There is also a ‘tanoura’ folk dance and of course. This activity may be booked for daytime or nighttime, but most visitors recommend the desert safari at night.