Warm Weather Packing List Tips

There are a lot of things you can do to help ensure that your vacation goes smoothly, and some of those things you can do before you ever set foot out of your house. For example, packing well! If you have all of the essentials when you land at your vacation hotspot, you can start having fun from day one, instead of wasting time scrambling to get what you need. 

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but rather a bare essentials list for light packers. If you’re into bringing everything but the kitchen sink, however, this list will also be useful to you, because you’ll need the things on this list anyway! Of course, packing lists will vary by region, but this all-purpose warm weather packing list will prepare you for many destinations around the world. 

Shorts and Skirts

Bear in mind that you might want to do a bit of research into the local customs for your destination. Showing more skin might be frowned upon, at least off of the beach, for example. Maxi skirts for women are especially flexible, as they provide some coverage but can easily be modified with a simple knot to create a short skirt suitable for the beach. 

Appropriate Shoes 

Think about the activities you’ll be participating in while you’re visiting. One good rule of thumb is to bring three pairs of shoes: sandals for casual wear, formal shoes if you plan to visit places that require dressing up, and a sturdy pair of sneakers or boots for outdoor activities. Wear the sneakers or boots to the airport, as this will free up some space in your bag. Take a look at what activities are available in the area of the Punta Mita Mexico Villa Rentals you’re interested in to get a better idea of what you’ll be doing while visiting. 

Bathing Suits

On many trips, you might only plan to bring one bathing suit, but if you are going to a warm weather destination, especially a coastal one, or one where you might want to spend a lot of time poolside, bring more than one! It can be really annoying using a single bathing suit, which never has the chance to dry out, during a trip. Bring at least two, so that you always have one that is dry and clean, so that you can take as many spontaneous beach trips as you want!

Plenty of Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Yes, these products will be readily available in resort destinations. However, they will often be marked up significantly. You’re far better off buying plenty of these at home before you embark, to save on costs later. Plus, you’ll be able to buy familiar brands that you know work well with your skin, and that you aren’t allergic to. It can be confusing purchasing these things in other regions, especially in foreign countries. 

Plan Your Packing List Ahead of Time

Where ever you decide to go, plan your packing list well ahead of time. That way, you’ll have time to budget for, purchase, and pack any additional items you need.