What To See in Cracow, Poland - The City with Medieval Charm

Cracow (Kraków in Polish), due to its location, went through enormously difficult times in both ancient and recent history. Squeezed between the Europe's most powerful empires, it suffered invasions, raids and pillages from all directions. Miraculously, unlike Warsaw - the Polish capital, it survived the atrocities of the second world war almost intact, therefore, you can still sense its medieval charm strolling down the colorful cozy streets or having lunch in the largest medieval market square in Europe.


How to get to Cracow


Many European airlines offer cheap flights to Cracow's Airport - Balice. It's also very easily accessible from other cities in Poland by bus or train. However, the trains in Poland may be often delayed and quite slow. After arrival in Balice, you can get a special tram that runs between the city center and the airport every 30 minutes - for around 20 PLN (5 EUR/6.40 USD). The return ticket is a bit cheaper. The journey takes only about 20 minutes. Another option, much cheaper (although longer - around 1 hour) is to take a public bus - it will cost less than 4 PLN (0.90 EUR/1.30 USD).

The good thing about Cracow is that you are always close to the city center, both from bus or train station is just a short walk to the main square.


 Market square - Cloth Hall

Market square - Cloth Hall